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Refresh cache after Project Deployment

Contributor III
Contributor III

Refresh cache after Project Deployment

When a project is deployed in an existing project Compose mappings are found missing. The mapping comes back after...

1. When data source is a query, if we test the connection in the query window and click OK the mapping is restored.

2. If we clear the Landing area cache in the Manage task window.

This has been consistently happening with multiple projects and with multiple developers.

IDEA:  If Qlik team can include a step at the end of the deployment process to refresh cache for the deployed project we can overcome this issue.

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Setting this for additional feedback. 


@sriniK  - is this performing deployment via the UI or automated deployments via the CLI ? 

The CLI does provide the ability to clear the cache using the clear_cache command (see below). 

Autogen for deployment should also clear cache for re-generation of ETL Tasks. 




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