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Session Timeout to maintain last state of user behavior

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Session Timeout to maintain last state of user behavior

When a session of a user is timed out and then they refresh the url or press the login button, they lose all made selections and sheet location and are returned as if entering for the first time.


Most of our user exhibit this behavior:

1- Open Dashboard in Chrome Tab

2- Perform behavior and filters

3- Leave tab open all day in Browser

4- Come back to tab after hour or hours

5- Session is logged out and they need to reapply all selections from before

6- Complain about extending or removing session timeouts 


Note: Bookmarks are not suitable solution since they should only cover key filters and not expect a user to create one during every session he is in

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Hi @ghaliabed thanks for submitting this idea and sorry for the delay. The update I can share with you is, that we are planning to change this and make it a much better experience for the user when they come back to an app after session timeout.

This change will impact our Qlik Sense Client Managed as well as our Qlik Sense SaaS product.

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Status changed to: Open - On Roadmap
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Contributor II

Hi @Thomas_Hopp , can you please provide an update on the user session timeout management?