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Switchover/Failover of an ASM dataguard instance

Contributor III
Contributor III

Switchover/Failover of an ASM dataguard instance

Hello everyone,


Hope you're all fine.
Actually, Replicate is able to handle Oracle DB dataguard switches. We just need to create a connexion string following this pattern : 
This way, the task is able to connect to the first dataguard and switch to the second one if necessary.
But Replicate is unable to automatically switch the ASM instance between first and secondary dataguard.
As ASM is going to be a standard for us, we need it to be implemented to Replicate.
Actually, our workaround is a powershell script monitoring the tasks logs, and detecting the ASM errors. When an error occurs, we're able to change the connexion string and recover the data.
We already tried to build a connexion string with a similar pattern as DB connexion string (see above). The task works but the switch is not handled automatically.
In summary : 
We propose that Replicate implements a way to automatically switch the ASM dataguard instance to ensure the robustness and continuity of Oracle-ASM tasks.
Many thanks
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We will review with R&D and report back as soon as we have feedback.