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Thumbnails for media selection in media library


Thumbnails for media selection in media library


As a dev, I find it a little archaic to scroll through a huge list of files to find the right image to use, particularly if a client has multiple logos and hence similar named image files. You have to click on each file one to view the thumbnail. It would be a vast improvement if the media library showed you the media as a selection of thumbnails (as with most software these days) which allows you to simple scroll through and and one-click select the image for use.  Lastly, the list of media items is alphabetically ordered but it would be nice, if you could use the keyboard to jump to the required section of the list eg if I have a list of 200 images in my library and am looking for something beginning with 'M', hitting M should bring me to the first file beginning with 'M'.


Creator II
Creator II

Also when you try to change the background image for a sheet or a text object, the image name of the currently used image in the Media Library is not easily identifiable. We need to  preview each of the images (by clicking on them) to see which image is used as the background. When there are many similar images in the Media library this becomes time consuming

Suggestion is to highlight (bold) the image name of the currently used image in the Media Library.


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