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Tooltip for table headers with additional explanations of a certain header

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Contributor II

Tooltip for table headers with additional explanations of a certain header


I have been in contact with your support-team. My question is below as well as the answer from the support-team. They suggested me to submit a feature request. Therefore I have created this request. Pictures are attached and I have also motivated why we think the change/improvement would be beneficial.

Sincerely Per @ Region Halland, Sweden

With Dimensions/Measures/Fields in for example tables we see the same text when we hover over the column header as what is written in the column header. We would like to be able to set a different text when we hover the title to help the reader. We can't find a way to solve this in Qlik Sense. Is there a solution for this? I think this was possible to do in Qlik View. Please see the attached pictures.

The field "Description" could perhaps be used for this tooltip purpose in the future by checking a box ("Use the description as tooltip") in the measure-settings or to add a new box called "Tooltip text " instead.

I confirm that by default, Qlik Sense doesn't support this feature. Please note that Qlik Sense and QlikView are different products and can offer different features.

However, I strongly encourage you to submit a feature request at:

Which will be reviewed by the R&D team.

Motivation:  Depending on the story of use of the application. There are situation where users need additional text that explains the expression or the dimension to complete their task. Instead of writing this in a single textbox. It´s important that we get information on hovering above the expression or dimension.

Importance:  To maintain a compact and easy application, it´s not possible to write all the description in a text box. Without the information there could be misunderstanding or users that are clueless to what result that is showing.

Benefits: Fast forwarding information with compact and show/hide function that keep it´s explanation visible only on request.

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