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moving Monitoring Apps QVDs out of the default Programdata location


moving Monitoring Apps QVDs out of the default Programdata location


Over time when running very large deployments of Qlik Sense with multiple nodes will generate a large amount of log files. The Monitoring apps will  generate QVD files in the default location c:\Programdata\qlik\sense\log\.

It is not unusual to have files with around 15-30GB generated. This will generate problems for customers with a limited amount on storage on the C drive. Which also could lead to potential system crashes if the whole size of the system disk is used.

The best option here would be to enable the customer to choose a different location instead, so they can easily attach a secondary drive to save these files on.

It can be accomplished in a very simple way, here an example for the Operations Monitor

Add a new Folder Library "lib://ServerQVDFolder/" which will be used to point to the secondary storage (as default it can point to the same location as "lib://ServerLogFolder/" so there is no deviation  on a standard installation

then we define:

LET serverLogFolder = 'lib://ServerLogFolder/';
LET archivedLogsFolder = 'lib://ArchivedLogsFolder/';
LET serverQVDFolder = 'lib://ServerQVDFolder/';

LET baseFileName = 'governanceLogContent_$(app_version)';
LET baseTableName = '$(serverQVDFolder)$(baseFileName)';
LET serviceFileName = 'governanceServiceLog_$(app_version)';
LET serviceTableName = '$(serverQVDFolder)$(serviceFileName)';
LET time_range_FileName = 'governance_time_range_ops_$(app_version)';
LET time_range_TableName = '$(serverQVDFolder)$(time_range_FileName)';
LET date_time_FileName = 'governance_date_time_ops_$(app_version)';
LET date_time_TableName = '$(serverQVDFolder)$(date_time_FileName)';
LET monitorAppStatsFile = '$(serverQVDFolder)Operations_Monitor_Reload_Stats_$(app_version).txt';

the original lines were

//LET baseTableName = '$(serverLogFolder)$(baseFileName)';
//LET serviceTableName = '$(serverLogFolder)$(serviceFileName)';
//LET date_time_TableName = '$(serverLogFolder)$(date_time_FileName)';
//LET time_range_TableName = '$(serverLogFolder)$(time_range_FileName)';
//LET monitorAppStatsFile = '$(serverLogFolder)Operations_Monitor_Reload_Stats_$(app_version).txt';

Which basically will move the QVD files out of the standard location into the secondary one specified.

This adjustment need to be included into the monitoring apps so that a product upgrade to the next release does not change the setup and require manual adjustment again.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Sebastine,

I have implemented the the solution in my prod as per the suggestion but there is a data differences. is it possible to check even though i did duplicate the same app.


Upvoted. Monitoring app is core part of the product. This should be included as part of the product so that customer's don't have to worry during every upgrade.


From now on, please track this idea from the Ideation portal. 

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Explorer II
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