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Support Updates

The Support Updates blog delivers important and useful Qlik Support information about end-of-product support, new service releases, and general support topics.

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Digital Support
Digital Support

Are you looking to upgrade your older Qlik Sense Desktop installation but cannot find a recent patch for your version?

Download the latest available release with the highest patch instead, which includes all the latest bug fixes for Qlik Sense Desktop.


What changed?

Beginning with its November 2022 release, the Qlik Sense Desktop no longer receives patches on previous versions. Only the highest available Initial Release continues to be updated. See Qlik’s Release Management Policy for details on what constitutes an Initial Release.  


We have released Qlik Sense November 2022, which has received Patch 3. In our example, this is the latest available version for both the client-managed server install and the desktop client, as February 2023 has not yet been released.

Qlik Sense August 2022 has received patch 6, but we only provide this patch for the client-managed server install. The last available Qlik Sense Desktop client patch for August 2022 is patch 4 and will remain so. No further patches are created for August.


Do I need to upgrade my server installation? 

Generally speaking, no. The Qlik Sense Desktop client is backwards compatible for up to two years. 

For additional compatibility information, see Qlik Sense Desktop patch process and compatibility with on-premise installs and Qlik Cloud.