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Digital Support

As part of delivering explainable BI, we’re excited to announce new catalog capabilities that are now available in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS. 


What's Explainable BI?


Explainable business intelligence is the concept that users will gain more confidence in using data and making decisions based on it, if they have a good understanding, or explanation, of the information’s origin.   


Here's what you can anticipate:

  • Field-level lineage 
    • Can access a data lineage summary that traces back to any dimension or measure within a chart to its original source
    • Distinction between choosing Impact Analysis (shows a downstream view of a data element’s dependencies) and Lineage (a detailed visual representation of the history of a field or data-set)


Please note: For most tenants, your administrator will need to enable the capability in the Qlik Management Console to utilize it.

For more details, check out the innovation blog post, and watch our field level lineage playlist!