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Community Manager

New Data Integration Customer Story + Video: Real-time Responses Delight Burgan Bank's Customers

Customer: Burgan Bank Turkey

Partner: OneDataLake

Industry: Financial Services

Geography: Turkey

Functions: IT, Marketing, Sales

Business Value Driver: Customer Intelligence, New Business Opportunities, Reimagined Processes


  • Meet new customer expectations of digital services
  • Make accurate, real-time data available to service agents and other key functions
  • Improve response times and customer engagement


  • Deployed Qlik Replicate to connect the bank's database sources to Kafka pipelines and other connectors.
  • Used Qlik Replicate to route data in real time to end-user feeds and applications.
  • Implemented a cost-effective and scalable solution that addressed the limitations of the bank's custom ETL solution.


  • Qlik Replicate now sits at the center of Burgan Bank's systems and routes data to the Kafka pipelines that form the basis of many of the bank's technology projects.
  • Data transfers that could previously take days are now completed reliably in real time.
  • Call center agents can resolve issues and make recommendations quickly and effectively, increasing customer happiness.



Case Study:


Sue Macaluso
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