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    scripting question assign variable

      Hi all,


      I have the following:

      a variable defined in the script: set vLanguage '=Language';

      a variable vProduct defined with the menu options 'settings varaibale overview'  =chr(91)&'Product' &chr(95) & '$(vLanguage)' & chr(93)

      This all works works fine and gives me the result I am looking for.


      However I am curious how to add the variable vProduct in the script.

      set vLanguage = '=Language';

      set vProduct = =chr(91)&'Product' &chr(95) & '$(vLanguage)' & chr(93);

      The result here is in the variable vProduct:  =chr(91)&'Product' &chr(95) & '=Language' & chr(93)


      My question is: How to write the script in such a way that the variable vProduct is equal to : =chr(91)&'Product' &chr(95) & '$(vLanguage)' & chr(93)


      Thanks in advance,