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    Sum of set analysis



      I've created some variables that I use to calculate a column in a table(graph). The problem I'm facing now is that when I want to show the total value of that entire column in a pie chart, I either get the message: no values (I've got the dutch version so pardon me if the translation of the error isn't correct), when I set the dimension limits to 5 for example I get the error: all values below limit.

      The variables I use:

      Streefperc, this is a variable that can be set by a slider and can take a value in the range of 0-1. It is used to calculate a percentage.

      Streefhuur = 'Streefperc*Maxhuur'  (Maxhuur is a field, Streefhuur is, for example, 70% of Maxhuur)

      In the graph table I then use as expression Streefhuur-Nettohuur, to calculate the marge between Nettohuur and streefhuur.


      When I create a pie chart with the same dimension and the expression: SUM(Streefhuur-Nettohuur) I get the errors.

      I've also tried to create a separate variable Marge, which calculated Streefhuur-Nettohuur, and tried the sum of that variable, and even a variable that wàs the sum of the variable marge. Still get the same errors. Also tried to expand the vars, so sum($(=$Marge))) of sum($Marge)). No good. I don't think the dimension is the problem because i've tested with several logical dimension, one consists of three groups, so that shouldn't be a limit problem.


      I'm really stuck at this and could use some help. Thanks