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      Hi All,


      Any one explain about Nprinting on Qlikview.

      Is end user can create reports using Nprinting from AccessPoint? OR they it must need ClickView desktop version?



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          Bill Markham

          To use NPrinting it does need need the QV Desktop software as well.

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            Amit Saini

            See the link in attachment.




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              Neil Gulliver

              Hi, QV Leaner.

              NPrinting is designed to publish reports to end users without the end user having to have a QlikView licence. NPrinting reports are built using QlikView objects imported into a template. The report templates can be excel, word, powerpoint, html or  pixelperfect and the final reports can be delivered as an email , google drive or as a file in a predetermined folder. Consequently, as a 'report' they do not have the functionality of a QlikView dashboard but the functionality of their template (e.g. excel functionality if the report is created as an excel document).


              There are several flavours of NPrinting. Your basic NPrinting server will automate the distribution of reports to predefined distribution groups.

              NPrinting On-Demand enables users to log in and choose to download reports from a list of existing reports. They can utilise filters and selection criteria to narrow down their data selection prior to requesting the report.

              NPrinting Newsstand is new and enables the users further interaction by allowing them to browse a list of reports and schedule the delivery of reports to a location of their choice.


              Obviously, this does not mean that end users can create a QlikView dashboard or report from scratch without using QlikView but it does allow end users to tailor existing published reports if the report is designed with those options in mind.


              There is a load more info on the Vizubi website.




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                vikas mahajan


                Here's the Activation code for your NPrinting Client Trial.

                If you haven't already, get your copy of NPrinting
                Note that the computer on which you are installing NPrinting must have internet access to activate the license.*

                To activate NPrinting:
                1) Run the NPrinting setup file. You can get the most recent version here
                2) Launch NPrinting
                3) Click on Activate...
                4) Copy your Activation code into the text box in the window that opens
                5) Click on Activate online...
                6) Click on OK and you're ready to use NPrinting

                After the initial 21 days, the license will expire. If you purchase an NPrinting license all of the work you did during the trial period will continue to function.

                There are detailed instructions on how to activate the product

                NPrinting Product Demo

                Our team has recorded an NPrinting Demo to help you take full advantage of your trial. This demo focuses on:

                • Adding QlikView objects to your report
                • Formatting and distributing multiple reports
                • Sending filtered reports to recipients
                • Scheduling report distribution using jobs

                At the end of the tutorial we provide one example of how filtered output could look for a recipient.

                If you have any problems activating or using the product, please contact our support team


                Best ,

                Tally Bot

                *If you don't have internet access, at step 5 click on activate offline and follow the instructions in the window that opens.



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