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    Selecting 200 entries from a bar chart to make a filter

      Hello all! Beginner question here!


      I have created a bar chart of customer IDs (X axis) vs net sales (Y axis) and I wanted to select the top 200 customers. So from the side tab  made the necessary change in the limitation setting and chose 200. 1.PNG.png


      Now, my data has other properties like, zip code of the customer, mode of purchase etc. So what I want to do, is select these top 200 customers and make a filter out of that. So that I can analyse my data solely on the basis of the selected individuals.

      Like for example say, I want to make a pie chart of the mode of order (as dimension) and net sales (sum net sales as measure) with the filter allowing me to display the relevant graphic on the top 200 customers and not all the the customers I have in the data set.


      Any help would be amazing!


      Thanks in advance!