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    QMC Status always show QDS(Publisher) Service Needs Restart

      Fairly new to Qlikview.


      I did a fresh install of the server and seperate publisher.  Several reports are running fine and task triggers are firing off.


      The only issue I haven't figured out a resolution to is the Status always shows the QDS service on the Server hosting the DSC (Publisher) needs to be restarted.


      Numerous restarts on both end servers of all the various services hasn't cleared it up.


      A colleague suggested delayed startup on the QV server machine services etc.  Somewhere the handshake isn't syncing.


      Saying that everything is running fine, why there is a warning to restart is a flaw I like to clear.


      Windows Server 2012, QV11.2 SR7


      I'm just putting it out there if anyone has a thought on the matter.



      Thank you.