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    Adding Multiple users (bulk load) in security Rule

    Sasi K

      Hi all -Any idea on how to add multiple users to the security rule at once. I mean as we do in Qlikview to add LEF for multiple users (with a ; delimiter) is there a way to add multiple users atonce? Currently I need to provide access passes to multiple users (around 200) in bulk and assign them to two different applications. Please let me know if there is a way to do that. Thank you

      (attached is the way I'm trying to add)


      Another Question is We also get requests to allow access to certain users for some apps in a stream where all the other ones are open to all Stream Members. Could you please let me know on how to achieve it as if i provide access to Stream the apps inside the streams are open and all Stream members are able to access all the apps in that stream


      My current priority is to ad multiple users, so please share your thoughts or provide solution


      thanks - Sasi