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    Eliminating the selection of one dimension.

    mahathi vucha

      Hello Guys,  I have same issue with a slightly different request.


      I now have 2 dims order number and item number, but the point is i want to show the Sum(sales) for each item number but regardless the order number


      To elaborate- I want to see the sum(sales) whenever i select an order number all the lines for that order come up but they show only the data for that order.

      But what i want to do is show the Sum(sales) for all the items in that order regardless of the order number, Whatever is the entire sales for that item not only for that particular order. 

      But the users want to still filter it based on the order number and look what are the entire sales for all the items in that order. How can i achieve this.

      Sum({$<[Order Number]=>}  [Sales])

      Sum(Total [Sales])

      Sum(All<[Item Number]>[Sales])

      I have used all these expressions but nothing is working.

      Thanks in advance.