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    Hierarchie Listbox

      Hi everybody,


      I just created a hierarchy and that worked fine.

      Now I have two issues with that Hierarchy:

      1.) I want to see in the Listbox the Hierarchie with NodeID and NodeName (01 Sales, 02 Production,...) At the Moment it shows only the NodeID

      2.) When I filter on ProdMaint, I need to see Prod/Maint, 02 and 03 in the Listbox (as valid Values) At the Moment it Shows only Prod/Maint as valid and 02 and 03 gray.


      How can I realise that.

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          here the screenshot to my question 2.


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            Henric Cronström

            If you create a Hierarchy load like

               Hierarchy (NodeID, ParentID, NodeName, ParentName, Pathsource, Path, '\', Depth)
                  NodeID & ' ' & NodeName as Pathsource,

            you will get the path you want. Note the "Pathsource" field.

            On the selections: If you make a selection of a node when it is expanded, you will select only the top node. But if you select a node when it is collapsed, you will select the entire tree. So, make the selection when the node is collapsed, and you will get what you want.

            The reason why we have chosen to design it this way, is that it wouldn't be possible to select the top node only otherwise.


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                Hi Henric,


                this worked very well. Thank you very much. Now that created a further question to me.

                Would you please help me with that again?


                I have to create two Hierarchies (called CODE D and CODE B). The Hierarchy in CODE D is now finished (thx to you again).

                Now I want to create a Hierarchy of CODE B.

                Problem is, that on TOP the Parent ID is the Bottom of CODE D.

                (I know copied the complete Hierarchy of CODE D into CODE B).

                But I wish to get a link between those two, because I dont want to have two identically databases.

                o you have an idea?


                Thank you very much in adcance