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    Julian Date conversion in the script

    sudhakar budde


      We have Julian dates in our SQL Server database.

      I can convert them on the database client as well as in the script at the sql part of the script.

      But I am doing two part ETL. 'Source --> Staging' and  'Staging --> Final qvd'.

      So, I don't want to perform coversion on the database in the 'Source --> Staging' script.

      Once the data is loaded to Staging, can I convert in the 'Staging --> Final qvd' script??


      I mean without hitting the database again.




        SELECT schedwin.WO.DATECREAT,  DATEADD(s, ABS(DATECREAT), '19700101') AS
      Record_Create_Datetime FROM schedwin.WO




      DATECREAT  Record_Create_Datetime
      14328090612015-05-28 10:31:01.000
      14412913512015-09-03 14:42:31.000
      14412919522015-09-03 14:52:32.000



      Is there any wahy to do this in QlikView script please?