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    Qlik Sense server own domain SSL certificate not working

      Hi all,


      After a lot of efford my own domain certificatie is still not working for my Qlik Sense server.

      Let my explane my server settings and what I've already done:


      Server: Windows Server 2012 R2

      Installed Qlik Sense  -> everything working fine

      IIS not installed


      Now I would access the QMC and Hub from my own local computer with my own domain name.

      Also this is working fine accept de red lock in my browser:

      2015-09-11 09_56_18-Qlik Management Console.png


      The lock is telling my that still the standard Qlik CA certificate is binded to de ports:


      2015-09-11 09_58_42-Qlik Management Console.png


      The following I've already done:


      - generate a CSR through MMC on the server

      - buy a SSL certificate for my own domain with the generated CSR

      - import the certificate in Local Computer -> Personal -> Certificates

      - add a value to de virtual proxy with my domain name

      - add the thumbprint from the certificate to de security section of de proxy:

      2015-09-11 10_05_40- - Verbinding met extern bureaublad.png

      - Stopped all Qlik Sense services

      - Bind the certificate to the ports through netsh http [del][add] sllcert ipport= and 443 etc.

      - Delete the standard CA Qlik Sense certificates

      - Start all the Qlik Sense services


      After restarting the services I notice that all the standard CA certificates are added again by the QS software.

      The bindings for port 4244 and 443 are overruled and put back to the thumbprint from the standard QS CA certificate


      It looks like QS is not recognizing my thumbprint and everytime the service is restarted it is falling back on the standard QS CA certificate.


      2015-09-11 10_04_50- - Verbinding met extern bureaublad.png



      Is this a bug? If not, what do I have to do to get a proper SSL connection to my server with my own domain from my local computer?


      Thanks in advance.