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    number of months in a variable

    RajQlikview 11

      HI All,

      Thanks for your time ;


      do we have a function which returns the number of months from given two dates


      I have to divide an expression with the months remaining in fiscal year


      LET  vFYEnding = DATE('03/31/2016','MM/DD/YYYY');

      LET vNoOfMonths =   $(vLastMonth) - $(vFYEnding);     - this is giving me 8 instead of 7



      my fiscal year ending is 31 March 2016 - as of August I have 7 months remaining; as of sep 6 months




      my expression  - I need to replace 7 with the variable so that it is dynamic


      SUM (TCost) + (AVG(TCost) * 7 )


      Thanks for your time,