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    Increase Grid Size (40*40) and Adjust Object size for Dashboard

    Brian Dunphy

      Hi, I recently trialled akl Alex Karlsson excellent grid adjuster on desktop. Can this be used on server  ? Also is it possible to 'shrink' objects in size ? or adjust font sizes


      Also - is it possible to reduce space used by pivot table ? i.e. dimension buttons take a lot of space


      Basically - we are looking to create a KPI Dashboard and would like to get more on screen. especially if viewing on a larger monitor


      Think along the lines of the Stephen Few dashboard examples.


      I think eventually we will remove objects to a simpler display but as a starting point there is a lot we are looking to fit on a single page and the 24*12 grid with large objects are limiting


      I realise the guidelines around number of objects etc. - but would like to trial getting more on there in the form of multiple small charts, tables etc. without too much wasted white space