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    REST API - Help connecting to Twitter please?

    Michael Taylor

      Hi,  Over the xmas period (at work) I was really looking forward to trying out the new REST API connector and pulling some simple data from Twitter to be able to put into a Qlik dashboard to show management.   Unfortunately, I'm stuck with setting up the connection , so would really appreciate the support of this community .


      I thought I would start with one of the simple such as the trends/place API - https://api.twitter.com/1.1/trends/place.json


      2016-01-05 07_54_20-REST Connection.png

      When it goes through to the next screen I am only given the option of CSV , so when I try to change this to JSON I get an error saying invalid response type.  I've tried with and without id=1 (worldwide) and also adding it to the query parameters.


      Can anyone help and do you have a simple example I can try to replicate please?