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    Qlik Sense Extension

    Logesh Jayaraman

      I am using the Qlik Sense version 2.1.1


      I am using the Qlik Dev Hub (http://localhost:4848/dev-hub/) for the extension development. The problem is when ever i make the changes in the .js file. It is not getting updated in the QlikSense. 


      What is the workflow?  My understanding is the QlikSense client (dev tool) needs to be pen when using the Qlik Dev Hub for extension development. So if i update the .js files in the extension editor through the dev hub will i be able to see the changes in the QlikSense?


      Or should i close everything and then re--open  the dashboard to reflect the changes. I tried many times but somewhere i am having the issue where as the changes in the .js file are not getting updated or reflecting correctly?


      Did any one has the similar issue or is it something i have to raise the ticket with Qlik.