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    How to use variable's in REST connector (mailchimp 3.0)

    Edwin Witvoet

      Using the Qlik Sense REST API connector for Mailchimp 3.0 using 'create a new connection' works well, but does not allow using variables to connect to Mailchimp's v3.0 API for querying specific campaign-id's dynamically.


      Typically this is what you want when fetching the available campaigns and the statistics for all of these campaign-id's.

      So, I'd like to be able to pass the campaign id as a variable.


      Other articles on this community forum do address some examples with google analytics, but from that I was not yet successful in deriving the way to go for mailchimp.


      I was trying to use the 'CUSTOM CONNECT TO' approach but somehow I couldnt get the authorization correctly

      This is what I used (note : the variable part in this example would be the apikey)

      CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QvRestConnector.exe; 





      This is what I got

      QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: HTTP protocol error 401 (Unauthorized): Requested resource requires authentication.


      Any suggestions?