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    Engine API select range in .NET application

      Hi All,


      I apologise if this sounds like a stupid question but how do I use the Qlik Engine API in a .NET application? The reason I ask is because I want to select based on a range instead of an absolute value. E.g. select all transactions where, 500 <= amount <= 10,000, or where name like "sm%".


      In order to try this out I created .NET WPF app where I display a Qlik Sheet using a <WebBrowser> control and that works fine. I honestly have no idea what to do next, I looked at the examples and got nowhere fast. I'm using the Helpdesk Management app as my test app. I'm also using the sheet Performance to do my select range testing. Hopefully the pic below will better explain what I'm trying to do. Basically I wan't to use Qlik Engine to filter selections where the Open Cases value is > 20 but < 80.


      2016-06-07 14_06_15-Qlik Sense.png