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    ipad app connectivity- Can't connect to server

    Adam Davies

      Dear All,


      I am sure this will be a network / firewall issue rather than QV but hoping someone has experienced it and can provide guidance in getting the iOS app connected to the server.


      We're using IIS, I've altered the authentications as per the thread here:


      although I didn't have a second authentication under content view in the Qlikview virtual folder.

      After doing this the AP is still working fine which is a good start.


      The ipad is coming in over a vpn, it can connect to the AP fine when domain details are entered.


      The app however, just reports error: server can not be found

      I can't see anywhere to enter the domain details?


      I've tried with the full AP address as well as the IP and hard coding the port.






      (I've confirmed the port is correct as I can connect to the AP via )