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    Qlik Sense Cluster 3.0.2 Error on RIM Nodes HUB - The service did not respond or could not process the request

    Hugo Andrade

      Good day Community,


      The RIM node's HUB doesn't work. It shows a message after I log in:

      HUB error.png



      I have a fresh new install for a client on Qlik Sense SR 3.0.2 in a multi-node environment.

      • During the installation, I have specified the Service account to run the services on every server. It's the same domain account which has Admin rights to all the servers. All the servers are joined to the same domain.
      • Added Private IP, Public IP, Hostname, FQDN to the Virtual Proxy's white-list
      • ALL traffic is allowed internally between the nodes.
      • Only ports 443, 4244 and 4243 are publicly open to the world (that's a rule present in the Proxy node)
      • IPV6 is disabled in all nodes
      • User account used in the HUB does have access to a token (User Pass)
      • Applied a valid SSL Certificate (HTTP is not an option)
      • There's plenty of RAM, CPU, Disk space available (huge servers)
      • Windows Server 2012 R2 with all updates installed
      • .Net Framework is also updated

      After reading some posts in the Community, I tried additional steps:

      • PG Database script cleanup
      • Repair Qlik Sense
      • Uninstall and reinstall Rim Nodes
      • Uninstall and reinstall Central node
      • Remove Rim nodes and re-add them (redistributing certificates)



      About the environment:

      CentralHUB used for internal purposes. It's own Engine is used by the HUB.
      SchedulerAll tasks run on this node since the Central server was configured as Master only.
      Engine - ProdEngine attached to the Proxy server for Production purposes.
      Engine - DevEngine attached to the Proxy server for Development purposes.
      ProxyPublic facing Proxy with Engines Prod and Dev in Load Balancing. QMC opens fine in this server. Central server is not an Engine option for this Proxy server.


      ALL HELP is appreciated, but please read the specifications first before suggesting something. This is a 2000+ Qlik Sense Users environment.