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    Connector for MongoDB Community

    Virilo Tejedor




      I’m interested on a connector to feed a QlikSense application from a MongoDB Community Server.


      Data stored on mongo is not vital, but appreciated.


      I’ve seen that QlikSense includes its own connector, but unfortunately it has an uncertain future.  According to chage log note in http://wiki.qvsource.com/MongoDB-Connector-For-QlikView.ashx#Change_Log_14:

      “Please note that as a new official BI Connector (https://docs.mongodb.org/manual/products/bi-connector/) is now available for MongoDB 3.2 and later you may wish to first consider this. Because of this we are also now considering retiring this connector if it does not offer any advantages over this.”



      The problem is that Mongo BI connector is only available for MongoDB Enterprise.

      Both connectors have very different approaches.  Even when Qlik Conector uses JSON Queries, Mongo’s one is using a reduced SQL.


      Has Qlik done a more recent announcement about their strategy for MongoDB connector?


      What alternatives do we have to MongoDB Enterprise?



      Thanks in advance,