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    Qlik Sense Desktop - Screen Resolution Issue

    Christian Sellei

      Hi all,


      I have an issue with screen resolution at newest versions of Qlik Sense Desktop. I used to work with version 3.1.1, where resolution was ok according to machine resolution.



      Desktop OK.jpg

      I upgraded to version 3.1.2, just download and install whitout any other change, and resolution changes to following:


      Desktop ERR.jpg

      Version 3.1.3 has same issue than 3.1.2.

      After uninstalling and installing version 3.1.1 again, issue is fixed.


      Anyone face the same issue? Since I didn't change anything else than Qlik Sense Desktop, I strongly believe that this is a product issue.

      Is there any configuration file into Sense Desktop for resolution settings?


      Best regards.