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    NPrinting Pixel Perfect Table from Table with Dimension limits

    Lech Miszkiewicz

      Hi all


      I am having following issue.


      I am building Pixel Perfect 3 level report which sort of looks like this:

      * Country:

      * Region

      * SalesPerson

      [here is Top 10 clients + others]


      The issue i am having is that table which is having in QlikView dimenison limits to present top 10 clients and others is not beeing generated the same way in my pixel perfect report. The behaviour which i am observing is that dimension limits basicly does not work in pixel perfect built table and i am seeing all clients (not only top 10) in my report..

      Before i will start building workaround by creating table with calculated dimension and rank in it would you be able to confirm whether what i am observing is normal? I could not find any documents regarding this.