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    Pixel Perfect Table - Sales by top X

    Lech Miszkiewicz



      I am fighting with Pixel Perfect report in NPrinting


      I am trying to build a Pixel Perfect report with Pixel Perfect built Table (not an Image of the table as it is blury and does not look good) with Top X (like for example top 5 or top 10 clients by sales... whatever)


      My first thought was: Dimesnion Limits. I used it and i got dissapointed as dimension limits did not work when i was previewing my work. Note that to build Pixel Perfect table you have to use Level on PPX template. I also described this behaviour here:

      NPrinting Pixel Perfect Table from Table with Dimension limits


      My second thought was  Calculated dimension. So i redesigned my chart (table) to use calculated dimension like this:

      =If(Aggr(Rank(Sum(Sales)),Client)<= 10 ,Client,'Other'). In QlikView this calculated dimension works perfectly OK, however when trying to run PREVIEW in NPrinting, it is throwing many errors like:


      "The preview request failed with message: Specified cast is not valid"


      "The preview request failed with message: Buffer cannot be null. Parameter name: buffer"


      I guess NPrinting is not able to handle calculated dimension in Level entity in order to build pixel perfect table.


      On top of that NPrinting is not as friendly as it used to be and it is very difficult to refresh metadata on my connection every time i do changes in my QVW file.Basilcly every time i had to create new connection and new app to test it as the refresh metadata did not bring changes (objects were still having old names and deleted objects still apeared when importing entities).


      1. how do i build NPrinting Top X Pixel Perfect Table? Is it possible at all in pixel perfect template and not image? 
      2. how do i refresh connection metadata without having to create connection each time i do change in my QVW? I know it was a known bug in previous versions but from release notes i could not figure whether it was fixed.

      Other not answered questions are here:

      NPrinting import recipients filters issue

      I hope Qlik representatives will help here as I trust they have the best knowledge in this matter.

      djk, mto, sjw would you share your opinion?

      Thank you!

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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Lech,


          Answer 1:

          Create a straight table in QlikView and sort it on the field you want to filter Top n for.

          In the QlikView document restrict records as required.

          If you want a PixelPerect only solution, use the same unrestricted table and modify the Printing settings for the detail group in the PixelPerfect template:   

          Answer 2: Still a known bug that is being worked on internally.


          HTH - Daniel.

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              Lech Miszkiewicz

              Hi Daniel,


              You are a Life Saver - this will solve my probblem in 99.9%!

              I will not be able to test this today (will do tomorrow). There is however one more question I have.


              As per your example you have there 3 top values which is exactly what i want to achieve. In my case i would need rest falling under "Other" category.

              Is there a way to achieve that in ppx template? I guess one of the option from "Printing" properties will have that functionality (hopefuly) :-)


              Looking forward to hear from you!

              Thank you