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    NPrinting duplicate report

    Cynthia McLauchlan

      Is there a way to duplicate a report in the NPrinting interface?


      Currently I'm working with an Excel report, so I tried saving and uploading it into a newly created report. However, the images, data and tables are statically saved when doing this, so I need to re-add all objects, tables, and variables to the report and then drag and drop them back into the report. This is by no means a duplicate report as it only saves a fraction of the time needed to create a new report from scratch.

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          Aran Nathanson

          In NPrinting 17.x you can't clone reports yet.


          What you can do is run the report and then import that into a new report template.


          You will have to re-create the tree view on the left side of the template editor and also replace data/images in the report with the tags from the tree view, but the general formatting of the report will be preserved.





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            Daniel Jenkins

            Hi Cynthia,


            If you want to reuse a report template and preserve the smart tags and formatting you can do this:


            * Open your Temp folder on the NPrinting Designer machine.

            * Open the report template you want to make a copy of by clicking the Edit Template button. You will see a new subfolder appear in the Temp folder

            * This folder will contain a copy of your template file. Copy the file to a different location and rename it to something meaningful.

            * Create a new report specifying the same Type & App as the one you copied. Select Custom and browse to the saved template.

            Click Create & then click Edit Template - you will still need to add the relevant objects into the tree on the left but the smart tags and formatting are retained.

            HTH - Daniel.