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    App migration failed!

    Aadil Madarveet

      Hi All,


      Recently we upgraded our server from Qlik Sense 3.0.0 to 3.1.2.


      All of our apps shows the migration status as successfull except two. I am not able to get it migrated so that it shows up on the HUB. These two apps have user created content and is a critical app.


      Any suggestions on how to migrate the app.


      Log shows the below error.


      2812.2.5.020161223T041743.477-0800ERRORSENSESERVERb543c6d3-a754-4d02-8c73-4fcf35fbf2deCommand=Migrate app;Result=500;ResultText=Error: AppMigration5b7ace49-f4ae-40bb-b341-d49e91114c3dac0a02c3-e769-452c-8a85-ca675e348f5b0SENSESERVERqlikadmine8bd3405-5604-4e39-9c50-ed6216843370Not availableRepositoryManagementAccess/qrs/app/e8bd3405-5604-4e39-9c50-ed6216843370/migrateMigrate app500 Failed to migrate the app.: Migration failed (HTTP code: 500)b995c6d3-a754-4d02-8c73-4fcf35fbf2de