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    How do you capture a hyperlink url from a web page table?

    Jim McLaren

      Hi All,


      I currently have a Qlikview file that in essence, calls up a web page and grabs the columns in a table. For simplicity, lets say the web page has a table with two fields - 'Date' and 'Agenda' and might look like this:


      Date              Agenda

      01/01/2017    Agenda_Jan17

      01/02/2017    Agenda_Feb17


      Currently my 'grab' loads two fields - 'Date' and 'Agenda', where 'Agenda' is the text as displayed above. On the source website table, the agenda item is hyperlinked and clicking on it would open the url i.e. 'http://somewhere.com/Agenda_Jan17.pdf' . What do I need to add to my script to create a third data item called, for instance, 'Agenda_URL' that grabs the url link address ?


      Many thanks