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Listboxes : to be populated based on dependant values in a column

Hello All,

I have a scenario where the filters in my report are to be created as List Boxes, which are actually values in one column .


A table say Fruits has the below columns

Attribute , Value

Season, Summer

Season, Winter

Season, Spring

Color, Red

Color, Green

Color, Yellow

Along with these two columns, there are other columns which may tell the fruit name its description etc.

Now, we want to show the dimension as Color & Season

So Select distinct value where attribute =’Season’ is our Dimension1

Select distinct value where attribute =’Color’ is our Dimension2

What is the best way to achieve this?


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I guess what is the issue you are running into? I know you are asking for best ways to achieve this, but I am not completely sure what are you looking to do.... may be show what you have tried and may be we can offer improvements or explain with some more data and the output you would like to see in the chart?

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Priya,

You can try to create two separate filed names in script, 1 for Season and another for Color. Like-

If (Attribute='Season', Season) as Season

If(Attribute='Color', Color) as Color

And try to use these two fields in list boxes.



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I have not got till the extent of achieving this scenario. Have had in mind to create a listbox expression with

only({<attribute={"Season"}>}Value). As Value column contains multiple values, this is not the right approach.

Can you share your way of achieving this?

The scenario is to obtain two list boxes - one for Attribute as Season and one for  Attribute Color.

In the original scenario, we have nearly 15 distinct attributes which are to be created as filters.



The problem is that you can create two list boxes, but you will only be able to select in one of the two... as soon as you select in the second list box, the first one will loose its selection. I am sure this is not what you want, right?

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Hi Sunny,

Yes. Exactly. I do not want to lose the selections.


Create two fields instead of just one field?