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    qvd files in same directory with different fields

      I have an extract that stores a new qvd file in the same directory everyday. The files are called accounts_$(v_todays_date).qvd


      Then when I pull the files in the data model my FROM statement is just:


      FROM [D:\Qlikview\Data\accounts_*.qvd] (qvd)


      So it pulls in every file in the directory.


      This has worked fine so far since I have not needed to add any fields. However, I am in a situation that I do need to add a field to the files going forward. I am wondering if there is a way to keep my current structure and somehow ignore the fact that there is a new field in some of the qvd files. Like something that I can put in the LOAD that says if the field doesn't exist in one of the qvd files just make it null. Is this possible?