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    incremental load for multiple file!!!

    virendra chawra

      We are working on 1 scenario where after loading the initial data , we need to load multiple  files but each and every file should load in incremental load manner like 1st file than 2nd file ans so on and follow the inser+update scenario.



      I have already loaded qvd file and now i just want incremental scenerio ...insert and update ...


      but while running below script only insert scenario is working not update.


      please suggest how to make the scenario like :

      every day file should load with qvd with insert and update and scenario and so on


      like 1st file should be Basic_20170315 in qvd than Basic_20170316 with insert and update scenario and need to update the data as desired.

      script code given below:




      for i = 20170315 to 20170317

      vFileName = 'Basic_' & $(i);


      LOAD *



      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);


      LOAD *




      where not Exists(id);

      Store Basic into $(vPath)Basic.qvd(qvd);


      next i;