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    Active Directory - retrieving users under different subtrees

    Riccardo Zenere

      Hi everyone,


      today I'm looking for your help regarding Active Directory.


      In my scenario I have a complex forest, where on one of the trees (that can be imagined as the main - overall - node) has been created a group for Qlik Sense users that can access the system, while the users are actually on different trees/subtrees.


      Currently I'm directing to the Global Catalog (LDAP://...:3268) in order to see all the trees.



      Forest (with Global Catalog i'm pointing right here)
        +---- Tree #1
        | |
        | +----- Group with users defined in Tree #2 and in the same Tree #1
        +---- Tree #2

        | |

        | +----- users...



      Right now in Qlik Sense I'm able to extract all the users that are under the Tree #1, but not under the Tree #2.

      Using LDAPAdmin/Softerra LDAP I've managed to understand that my filter is basically correct, but lacks of one important information: the search scope.

      With both softwares I've seen that if I set the search scope to "base", the filter retrieves the same users as Qlik Sense (so the ones under Tree #1), while if I set "sub-trees" they manage to retrieve also the other users.



      So, what I'm asking you today is this: is there a way to search over subtrees with Qlik Sense?

      I was looking for a particular syntax or a option to do so