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    Can not get to the landing page of iPortal

    Oliver Franz

      Hi there,


      today I wanted to test iPortal on a developement server. First I tried the installer. Second I tried the manual installation ( iPortal/dev_env_setup_guide.md at master · eapowertools/iPortal · GitHub ).


      In both scenarios I am not able to open https://localhost:3090 or https://localhost/iportal/hub.


      What do I have to do to get the server running?


      Some things that might be the source for the problem:

      - in git there is no iportal_users.xlsx therefore i used the .csv files. but in the config.js there is still a link to the excel path.

      - I do not want to setup the reference of GSS to have an demonstration. therefore i skipped the setup of the GSS security rules.


      Looking forward for your replies!