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    Problem with Nprinting 17.3 creating filters with set analysis

    Danyela Macedo

      Hi everyone,


      I have just installed Nprinting 17.3 at the client and I am migrating the reports created in qlikiew to Nprinting from an App, bringing them as Qlik Entity.


      => At this App I have 2 reports, both of them were before now distributed by PDFdistribution.

      => Both of them depend on filters from Triggers that come from the application.

      Example: at the application I have many triggers as "Get the last work day": what the developer from this application did was to get

      Max({<Flag_workday = {'1'}>}FAT_BillingDate), some of this triggers include many set analysis.


      How can I get this  in Nprinting 17.3 once I can't get the report with all the filters(triggers) from the qvw as PDF Distribution use to do before and I can't include set analysis into expressions at the filters menu in Nprinting 17.3.


      Is there any way?


      Kind Regards.