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    How do I reload NPrinting metadata automatically

    Glenn Gobot



      I am using NPrinting 17.3 and I want to print my reports with refreshed content whenever QV Server reloads applications with new content.


      However, I still need to go to click Reload metadata in order to get the latest content printed. This doesn't seem very intuitive to me as I always thought it should be automatically taken care of...


      Is this expected, or am I missing something out here? I read somewhere that there was a workaround for NPrinting 17 and earlier to solve this (mis)behavior: on Qlik desktop client Settings > Document Properties > Server>, I've also checked Enable Push from Server, Enable Dynamic Data Update and chosen Refresh Mode to Server performs refresh automatically without client action.


      I'm still not getting expected results i.e. I still need to refresh the connections manually by clicking "Reload metadata"...

      Is there any working solution that is verified to work?