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    keep value format constant by expression while export

    Rohit Kumar

      Hi All,


      I have a table which is giving values in format i.e 12345678.10 so I have added NUM function to change its format to Num('12345678.10',##,###.##0) and now it is displaying as 12345,678,10 but when I export it , it again comes as it was 12345678.10.

      If I change this expression format by configuration=> Number=>1,000.12 , it works fine even with export, but I don't want to use it  because I don't want client drag this expression to new chart and change format every time. I want to do it on expression level.

      Same I want to make my another expression format to XX.YY% on expression level its must work on export file to excel too.

      Thanks in advance! stalwar1