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    Bubble layer association

    Fawaz Abdul Azeez

      I would like to display same bubble layer twice and make them independent as we do in set analysis. The use case is to  display all the customers irrespective of selection on map

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          Patric Nordström

          Hi Fawaz,

          That is possible in Qlik GeoAnalytics, add a measure like this Sum({1}1) to modify the dimension so that all values are visible.



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            Ana Yakushi

            Hello Fawaz,


            I think you can use one of these:



            You need to use a set analysis to make the measure(s) ignore the points filtering.

            For example, I had an ID, latitude and longitude for each datapoint. Then in the "Location, Size" section:

            Avg({<ID=>} latitude)

            Avg({<ID=>} longitude)

            The same if you have other measures for size and color:

            Sum({<ID=>} sales)

            Remember to add all other dimensions to be ignored, like: Sum({<ID=,category=>} sales)



            You can create a copy of the customer table renaming the fields so it will be completely independent of other tables in your data model.

            Then use these fields in your Bubble Layer. Since it doesn't have any common field with other tables, the filters won't affect the bubbles.

            Best Regards,

            Ana Yakushi

            Qlik GeoAnalytics