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    Upgrading to June 2017 from QlikSense 3.0.0

    Kashif Ansari

      Hi All,


      We want to upgrade our QliKSense 3.0.0 environment to QlikSense June 2017. As I understand, we need to upgrade to 3.1 SR2 before we upgrade July 2017.


      I wanted to know which of the below path makes more sense or if people have encountered less issues on which path :-


      Path 1 :    QlikSense 3.0.0 -> QlikSense 3.1.2 -> QlikSense June 2017


      Path 2 :    QlikSense 3.0.0 -> QlikSense 3.2.4 -> QlikSense June 2017


      Calling out the experts for their view : pwy mto korsikov gwassenaar


      Also, does the change to Shared Persistence model entails some action on our side or is it managed by QS internally?