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    Repeated daily report

    Eng Siong Tan

      I am new to NPrinting but I have worked with Qlikview previously.


      I have taken over a Qlikview environment which is working with Qlikview and NPrinting. Things were fine until recently. For the past few days, the users have been receiving the report dated on Monday. The Qlikview report is correct and updated but the daily report sent by Nprinting keeps showing the same date as Monday. It is working but somehow stuck in a loop.


      Can anyone direct me to where to troubleshoot?


      Thank you

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          Daniel Jenkins



          What version of NPrinting? What type of QlikView Connection (Server/Local)?


          If NPrinting 17.x and QlikView Local connection, you will need to either restart the NPrinting services or reload the Connection Metadata for fresh data to reflect in the reports. If you are on the NPrinting June 2017 release, you can add a Trigger to the Connection to schedule the Metadata reload so it is not a manual process.


          In short, we need more information in order to offer suggestions.


          HTH - Daniel.

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            Eng Siong Tan

            Hi Mr Jenkins


            The NPrinting is (SR2)


            The Qlikview view connection is Local.


            I have tried restarting the NPrinting services. I tried reloading the connection metadata manually and encountered an error message regarding the user permission.

            I will try and resolve all the user login issues first before I continue.

            Thank you,