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    Change background color of 'empty' base map

    frank beunder

      Hi all,


      I like to change the default background colour of the empty base map. It is a grey colour but I want to change it to white.





        • Re: Change background color of 'empty' base map
          Patric Nordström

          Hi Frank,

          There is no setting for the background color.

          However a big white box as a background layer will give the same effect.

          Here's a geometry for a world covering box in WGS84, place in load script, use bg_box as dim/geometry



          load * inline "


          world|'[[ [-180, -80], [-180,  80], [ 180,  80], [ 180, -80], [-180, -80] ]]'


          (ansi, txt, delimiter is '|', embedded labels)



          To render: change draw order to Geodata layer, switch off the info bubble, don't include in AutoZoom, make the layer non-selectable and set color mode to single color: white.



          Patric Nordström