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    Sending email reports from NPrinting

    David Atkins

      I am having a lot of frustration with what I thought was the core purpose of NPrinting. All I want to do is email reports to people. It appears I need to create user accounts for all these people, assign them groups, roles, etc.


      I have found one workaround; I can paste the email addresses onto the bcc: line of the publish report task, but that is very limited and not a great solution.


      My immediate issue is that I have created a user, but NPrinting will not send the email because, from the log file: (actual names are replaced by words in brakets)


      The user [userid] for the task [taskname] has no permission to see the published reports. No email will be sent. 

      User [email address] is inserted as recipient in task [taskname] but no destination is configured. Report will not be generated


      on these items,

      1. user has the user role...what else do they need? The User role has access for all apps to Published Reports (default setting)

      2. email is checked off in the destinations tab for this user.