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    Qlik Sense Document Analyzer V1.1 Released

    Rob Wunderlich

      Finally,  finally, a Qlik Sense version of my popular "QV Document Analyzer" tool is released. It is available for download here:


      QS Document Analyzer http://qlikviewcookbook.com/recipes/download-info/qs-document-analyzer/


      The tool is provided as a setup.exe that requires windows admin permissions as it installs a custom Qlik script connector.


      There are limitations in this release documented in the release notes and the "Introduction" sheet on the qvf.


      I'm looking for feedback in terms of problems you may encounter or suggestions.


      Let me know how it works out for you!





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          Sunny Talwar

          That is great news Rob... Thanks for getting this out.




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            Steven Schirripa

            Can't thank you enough for following up! I'll be sure to send you feedback once I get the opportunity to test it out. Thanks again!

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              Rob Wunderlich

              A bug has been reported re Variables. Error in script

              "String reference not set to an instance of a String"

              occurs when a variable has no content. Workaround is to add content to the variable or delete the variable.



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                Debbie Pyykkonen

                Thank you!  Perfect timing.  Now to get access to QS Desktop on my client's server and I am all set.  Their app is too large to bring to my desktop.

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                  Saurabh Handa

                  Thanks Rob!


                  I recently downloaded and installed this connector(v1.1) on November 2017 version.

                  I am having some concerns which are listed below:


                  1. In Memory sheet, Per User Memory is not reflecting correctly and giving 0.0 MB most of the times. We have learned from earlier Qlik published papers is that the RAM footprint of any App is 4 times the size of file and per user allocation is 10% of RAM

                  footprint. e.g. 500 MB is size of file than RAM footprint is 2000 MB + 200 MB per user onwards.

                  Is that still applicable? Because DA is not giving exact result.



                  2. In Fields sheets, Field in Use filter is not working. for example in below screenshot, Field In Use is set as Y but the table is still showing Y & N. Can we also get description for all the fields in Table like Symbol Width(est), Symbol Bytes(est), Total Fields Bytes(est)...




                  3. In Objects sheets, can we get a differentiation value between out of the box visuals and extensions?

                  For example, below screenshot, Object Type fields is showing name of all visuals but not differentiating extensions.


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                    Damien Trippeda

                    Hey Rob, just wondering, is the analyzer taking into consideration selections or just an open everything is selected state on object calc time? I'm working at a client and all objects in the application have a trigger to require a minimum state of selections before the object calculates, and these default selections are driven by a mashup the application is used in. To replicate the defaults I added a sheet event trigger and the trigger works in app, but our calc times seem very low compared to expectation. They do seem higher than they would if the chart didnt calculate at all which most would be doing based on the trigger anyway, but I wanted to check with you directly on the behavior just in case we're missing something. If it is the case where it only takes a wide view and calculate all objects with no selections we need to rethink on our end how to effectively test the application.