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    Static filter in NPrinting June 2017 on one field having >3000 unique values

    Nazira lala

      Hi All,


      I have a field named Salesman, which has a unique SalesID for each Salesman.

      I am trying to send out an email to all Salesman who did not sign their Log of Attendance by the end of the week, to reimburse their salary for the past week of work done.

      I create an App, create the connection to QlikSense App.

      I then apply filter on SalesID for all >3000 unique values.

      I import the recipients(users list) through the import task.

      My QlikSense App identifies 10 salesman out of 3000 values as the ones who did not sign their log of attendance.

      I attach that single filter in the Publish task->Filters

      I add all the 3000 recipients as Publish task->users

      I get an error in the scheduler log file as "Task is configured so that all recipients are disabled". The report could not be generated.


      Please advise on a solution to this.


      Thanks in advance.