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    Nprinting 17 - Multiple filters on user level for different reports

    Robert Elofsson

      Hi all!


      I'm having some issues understanding how to overcome a "problem" in Nprinting 17. Example:


      If I have a user that's going to receive say 3 different reports from the same template and containing the same object but with different publish tasks from the same application that holds Sales, Invoice and Purchase and I want Nprinting to apply different filters to this user depending on what kind of report it is.

      I'll add filters on user level for Todays Sales, Yesterdays invoice and this months purchase from the same date-table, so this user now have a total of 3 filters. Is there any way possible now to instruct Nprinting what filters should be applied to what publish task? If there's only one user I can just apply the filters on the task level but if I have several users that use different filters this is not possible.


      So the issue is when I want one user to receive different reports from the same application while applying different filters on user level so I don't disturb any other user reports.


      I have a work around that's quite complex with 3 different import tasks that updates the users filters in between the publish tasks so that the filters on user level only contain 1 value and then updates after every import. Does anyone know some easier solution to this? I've tried using "override values" but then only the last filter in the hierarchy is applied since Np17 don't know on what task the filters should be applied to.


      Kind regards,